While going viral shouldn’t ever be the goal of your video marketing campaigns, the term appears to have taken off or even exploded this year.

Markets have been hearing lots of stats such as: every day 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube, social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined, vides on landing pages can increase conversions by as much as 80%, and 80% of viewers remember a video they watched over the past month online.

Yikes: if that is true, then you’d better get up to speed with the best practices to ensure that your video marketing campaigns can meet your objectives and move your social media forward. If you need video production in Surrey or SEO help in Manchester, read on. In this article, we will be revealing some of our best tips that can help you create actionable, inspiring and compelling online videos.

1. Make Sure Your Video is Centred Around Your Story Instead of the Sale

There is so much sales clutter all over the Internet that is repelling and very annoying to your customers. Don’t allow your brand to become that guy. Your videos instead should centre around your story instead of the sale. Keep in mind that the rules that are applicable to written content marketing are the same ones that apply to video marketing – focus on the value that you want to provide to your customers.

Capitalise on video’s emotive power by appealing to the hidden desires and needs of consumers. Are you afraid you will lose leads if you do that? You can put a relevant and strategic call to action next to a tracked URL on the end of your videos (just be sure it fits in with your overall story).

2. Your Videos Should Feature the Best Possible 10 Seconds

Twenty percent of viewers click away from videos in 10 seconds or less. Video experts recommend that you keep your videos brief and to the point. Our advice is to get right into the grit of your story and manage expectations from the very start (within the first 5-10 seconds).

Try to spark the curiosity of your audience by asking plenty of questions and also use teasers to grab their attention immediately.

Your video needs to convey its value immediately and answer the question that is one the audience’s mind of “why should I watch this?” Should they watch your video because it will teach them something new, inspire them to act, or make them laugh?

3. Integrate Humour Into Your Videos – Don’t Be Boring!

Cisco Social Media Manager Tim Washer says that people in the corporate world often get nervous about comedy and claim it doesn’t belong. However, it can help you get your point across economically and efficiently, so why not try to see if it works for you?

So what does your audience want? They want to feel informed, they want to laugh, they would like to be pulled away from their boring jobs and forget about reality for a while.

Caption writing allows you to develop your ability to be able to get into that is referred to by John Cleese as open mode according to Tim. This is where you can be relaxed, have fun and be playful instead of being worried. The more you are able to reach open mode, the more frequently you can come up with fresh ideas in all aspects of life.

4. Optimise Your Videos For SEO – Use Tags

There are many tactics that can be used to make sure that the search engines can find your videos easier. The first thing that you should do to get maximum SEO value for your videos (before uploading them to sharing sites) is to host the videos on your own domain.

Another thing that is very important is to enable embedding on your videos since that will help to increase the change of obtaining inbound marketing links.

Descriptions are everything when it comes to SEO for video. Why is that? Descriptions enable the Google search spiders to determine what your video is all about.