With the overall reviews gathered about Mountain Steels, there is no doubt they are legit coupled with the fact that they have operated for not less than sixty years. They specialize in selling top quality brands for outdoor products and gear at reasonable prices. Despite their level of competence and their reputation, they still perform some tasks that need the public to take note. We shall let you read mountain steal reviews so that you can understand better how they operate.

In March 2020, Mountain Steals has about 16 significant complaints in which such complain happened three years ago—making them have an average of one to five-star records on the customer business bureau. They try their best to offer a price match guarantee within 14 days of product purchase and 30 days money back guaranteed; they also offer prepaid UPS return label.

There is no how they will not face specific challenges. Based on research, some companies or business partners have felt their services is not fair enough to them and have taken to the social media and review publishing sites to give bad reviews based on the experience they have gathered from them. Reading this short piece to the end will make you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of the site so you can understand the best way to deal with them.

Discounted Top Brands for Outdoor Apparel

If you purchase their product, you will be offered discounts. They do not discriminate their prices among customers but try as much as possible to be fair with them. For this reason, a lot of people love to do business with them as they are sure of no price discrimination.

 30-day return

Customers have the grace to return whatever product that they buy in as much as it does not meet up with what they want.

Ships products internationally

They go as far as partnering in business with people outside their country. It has helped them to make the right name and have friends in different countries of the world.

Price match guaranteed

As earlier explained they are fair with their prices and only give discounts to people who buy bulk products from them.


The following points are the other side of Mountain steals that makes them look a little irresponsible to the public.

Delay in shipment

They usually have a delay in certain products that they ship; it’s so unfortunate that they give days on the arrival of these products, but unfortunately, they do not meet up as promised. These products are bulk, and that can be a challenge to buyers who are looking to target a market, they may not be able to meet up at times.

Some products can’t be delivered outside their country

This is what they call shipment discrimination. Even though they do not discriminate prices on their products, but there are products they do not ship to other countries. Their reason for that is not apparent to anybody, and all efforts to get an answer from them proved abortive.